Central Devon Parliamentary Candidate Alison Eden Demands Change

September 3, 2019 10:32 AM
By Phil Page

At a meeting of Liberal Democrat campaigners in Crediton, Thursday August 29th, Lib Dem candidate for Central Devon constituency Alison Eden called for profound change to the running of our country.

" It's too easy to see how the Conservatives have and continue to fail the people of South West Devon. Our children's schools don't receive the funding that children in other counties receive. Our public services, our transport and our healthcare services are collapsing meanwhile this government and its PM are heralding tax cuts for the richest, buying support from the DUP and cutting essential support structures for the weakest. This must stop."

Alison is a mother, singer and healthcare communications specialist. She lives in Teignmouth where she is a District Councillor for Teignbridge. As a councillor, she is used to advocating for residents on a wide range of challenging and personal issues. Alison has campaigned on political and social matters and has gained much experience in working with community groups and individuals on these campaigns.

"I will be an MP who fights people's battles for them. I will never put popularity above principle. I am revolted by the sight of so many cowardly politicians whose principles seem to bend with the opinion polls, we should demand better from our elected representatives," commented Alison.

Alison will say that we should be celebrating what taxation can bring. "My vision for our country is one where parents can walk past libraries and parks and GP surgeries and say to their children 'look what we built for you, look what my job has paid for'."

Alison re-joined the Liberal Democrats in 2014 on moving to Devon. "I was first active politically as a teenager when I believed I could unseat Margaret Thatcher through the power of leaflets…Years later, I still have, as do all campaigners, the same zeal and determination. My inspiration is the Liberal Democrat goal that 'no one shall be enslaved by poverty, by ignorance and by conformity.' At a time when poverty is increasing, the weight of personal debt is rising and life expectancy is dropping, it has never felt more critical to take a stand for a better world. I invite anybody who feels similarly to join my campaign.

Alison also welcomed the recent surge in membership in the Local Party during the summer. "People are joining us because we have consistently stood up against Brexit and we are now taking on Boris Johnson" she said.

Alison at Cairneys BIstro

Alison Eden with Lib Dem Members at Crediton