April 25, 2017 12:15 PM

You may have seen in the news that a huge £24,000 pay rise (that's 26%) was handed to the boss of the Devon and Somerset Local Enterprise Partnership. His pay is now £115,000 a year!

Devon County Council sits on the board of the Partnership, which is meant to encourage jobs and industry into the area. We are astonished that such a massive pay hike could be approved especially when so many local people have had very modest increases or none at all.

The Liberal Democrats have oppose this big pay rise and have called on Devon County Council to do all it could to stop the increase going ahead, and if they can't, the Council should quit the Partnership.

Sadly, the Conservatives who currently run the County Council do not agree with us and plan to take no further action. What message does that send? The Tory Council will just carry on wasting our money including £2 million a year on public relations, media and advertising and £400,000 renting meeting rooms.