Lib Dems (and Cameron) bemused by Conservative Council Service Cuts!

November 13, 2015 11:42 AM
Devon Lib Dem Councillors with Lollipop Lady

Devon Lib Dem Councillors with 'Lollipop Lady'

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Alex White is somewhat bemused by David Cameron's complaints to Conservative controlled Oxford County Council about the cuts in the Council Services.

In a letter to the leader of Oxfordshire County Council Cameron wrote that that he was "disappointed" by the council's proposals "to make significant cuts to frontline services" apparently unaware that the cuts are a result of his own government's austerity measures.

Alex says that "This is truly unbelievable from the Prime Minister. His government are cutting services to the bone and causing terrible damage to people and communities up and down the country. Yet suddenly, when the ghastly impact of his cuts become all too apparent in his own back yard in Oxfordshire, he does not like it one bit! I call on Mr Cameron to reconsider his entire approach to rebalancing the books. The pace of cuts needs to be slowed down and the richest in our society need to bear the biggest financial burden opposed to the very poorest, who currently are".

Meanwhile in Devon Liberal Democrats to continue to fight against Tory cuts to frontline services and Lib Dem councillors have "called in" a decision by Devon County Council challenging plans to completely remove the School Crossing Patrol Service in Devon.

The Conservative run county council held a consultation just two months ago, in September, which would result in the complete closure of the School Crossing service in order to save just £250,000.

However the number of returns was so low that it could be deemed unrepresentative of those affected by 'closing down' the county's popular 'lollipop crossings'.

Cllr Alan Connett, Leader of Devon's Liberal Democrats said: "This looks like a knee jerk reaction to the announcement of the County Council's overspending that is being discussed at Cabinet on Wednesday (11 November).

"Common sense would say the lollipop crossings should be discussed then and not dealt by way of a sneaky announcement which no doubt it was hoped would slip through without notice."

Cllr Alistair Dewhirst, Lib Dem county councillor for Teignbridge South said: "The Council is suggesting that they cut all the front line patrols but only a third of the back office staff - but people need services like School Crossing Patrols so that children can get to school safely."

By "calling in" this decision it will now be discussed in public at the Cabinet where Members can hopefully overturn this proposal.