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Clarifying the Lib Dem Image in Christow

August 18, 2015 3:31 PM

"After five years of coalition government with the Conservatives, the Lib Dem profile has possibly become a bit blurred," John Farrand-Rogers told a meeting of Lib Dems in Christow last week.

"For five years, Liberal Democrat spokesmen presented the policies of the Coalition Government, while Lib Dem policies tended to fade into the background. Many Lib Dems cringed whenever Danny Alexander appeared in the media to defend yet another unworkable Tory policy that had been foisted onto the Coalition. In contrast, Mr. Cameron pushed Conservative policies forward whenever the opportunity arose. "

"And yet, when the General Election came along, Mr. Cameron was busy claiming all the sensible Lib Dem policies as his own and promising to continue them into the future. No wonder, when people were confronted with the prospect of a feeble Miliband-led administration, completely under the thumb of the Scottish Nationalists, they thought it was safer to vote Conservative."

"But how wrong they were! Now that the Conservatives are in government by themselves, they feel free to wheel out all the hard-line Tory policies that the Lib Dems had been protecting the public from."

"So far they have presented their plans to cut Inheritance tax for millionaires; scrap help with housing costs for young people; reintroduce the Snoopers' Charter; ditch the Human Rights Act; water down the ban on hunting; renew Trident; and impose nation-wide immigration checks on all new tenants and lodgers."

"And despite all Mr. CameronĀ“s posturing with huskies in the run-up to the 2010 election, and riding a bicycle followed by his chauffeur-driven car, they are now going completely into reverse on all the environmental policies that the Lib Dems were able to introduce."

"They are cutting back on sourcing renewable energy, cutting back on schemes to insulate housing, flogging off the Green Investment Bank and starting to wreck the whole country by cuddling up to big business who want to go in for irresponsible fracking from under our very homes."

"It is now up to Liberal Democrats to reclaim our traditional place in the political spectrum, standing up for ordinary people against the excessive power of big business, arrogant hedge-fund managers and over-mightly trade union barons. This process has already started, and I am sure it will really take off at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth in September."

John Farrand-Rogers was the Lib Dem candidate for the Teignbridge North Ward of Teignbridge District Council in May this year.