Devon Lib Dems Welcome the Mental Health Treatment Target

November 19, 2014 2:52 PM

Speaking at Central Devon Liberal Democrats AGM in Newton St Cyres, Councillor Alan Connett leader of the Devon County Council Lib Dems said that: "This new 18 week target will reinforce the parity between mental and physical ill-health and that treatment should no longer be arbitrary or dependent on where you live…This is the result of Liberal Democrats being in Government and testament to understanding that for so long, mental health has been the Cinderella of the health service."

Working in coalition with the Tories had not always been easy but had achieved some long-held Lib Dem policies:

  • Helped businesses create over 1 million new jobs, and working to deliver a million more

  • Over 1.8 Million people have started apprenticeships since 2010

  • Given a £700 tax cut to 24 million people, increasing to £800 next year and we want to turn that into a £1,200 cut

  • Clawed back £9 billion from tax dodgers and campaigned for the Mansion Tax

  • Delivered equal marriage

  • £2.5 billion is Pupil Premium for disadvantaged children (£935 per child rising to £1,300 for some in Sept 14)

  • Free school meals to all 5-7 year olds

  • 15 hours a week of free child-care for two year olds

  • Increased pensions by £800 a year since 2010, thanks to the new 'triple lock' rule which ensures state pensions always rise with inflation, earnings or 2.5% - whichever is highest.

    Central Devon AGM, 2014

    Central Devon Lib Dems AGM

Councillor Connett acknowledged that we face difficult choices when it comes to local services - but Lib Dems believe in public service, in encouraging endeavour and helping people to achieve their potential. That is the real choice, the choice local that people will face next May when they vote for an MP and their local councillors in Central Devon.

"It's not because we want councillors and MPs for the sake of it… it's because we work with communities, we empower them, talk to them, understand them - because we are part of the community….we are that light of democracy, freedom, hope, aspiration and ambition.

In short, Liberal Democrats have shown that in Government and in council, we make the difference."