On The Campaign Trail with Charlie West

November 5, 2014 11:19 AM

Lib Dems Teignbridge District Council candidate for Haytor, Charlie West, has been undertaking a Residents' Survey of 1500 homes in the area.

Haytor Ward includes the parishes of Ilsington, Bickington, and the village of New and Old Liverton. The surveys were hand delivered, and returned by residents either by leaving them in letterboxes for later collection, or return via a Freepost address.

The overwhelmingly consistent message from residents' was that Liverton, Ilsington and Bickington are all beautiful places to live, each with very low crime, no reports of vandalism, and that people feel very happy and lucky to live there.

Issues Raised

• Problems of dog mess on footpaths and gardens were mentioned, and Charlie will be asking Teignbridge Council Community Dog Warden's to patrol, provide more dog mess bins, and consider extending the boundary of the area where fines apply.

• Residents have identified some potentially empty houses that have been unused for several years. Charlie will pass the details of these on to Teignbridge District Council Housing Services to look at under their Empty Homes Policy.

• Noise by refuse disposal operators was mentioned. This will be raised by Charlie with the Chief Executive of Teignbridge District Council.

• Individual issues of a lack of visibility of police officers and dangerous parking were raised. Charlie has written to Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and Superintendent Glen Mayhew at Devon and Cornwall Constabulary on these issues.

• Light pollution from street lights into residents' houses and trees hazardous to highways. Charlie has brought these individual issues to the attention of Devon County Council Customer Services Centre team.

However, there were four significant and recurring issues across the three areas of the Ward:

  1. Youth & Play facilities - lack of provision, in Old and New Liverton.

  2. Bin Collection system - worries by residents about the size of the proposed food waste bin NOT about the £35 charge for green waste (most accepted that).

  3. Weeding of Verges in Shapley Way, New Liverton.

  4. Potholes and resurfacing along Old Liverton Road.

    The Biggest Issue - Speeding Cars

    The biggest single issue, affecting residents from Ilsington , through Old Liverton, Cumming's Cross, New Liverton , to Exeter Cross near Drum Bridges was speeding cars down Old Liverton Road. Charlie will be writing to Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and Superintendent Glen Mayhew at Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to request the results of recent speed monitoring, an extension of the 30 mph zone and increased speed detection along Old Liverton Road.

    Charlie has a Calendar going out to residents during November, and a Report Back on the survey and action he has taken in December.