October 16, 2014 2:39 PM

Instead of raising Council Tax and thereby incurring financial penalties from Central Government, Tory Councils in Devon are proposing a separate tax on Garden Waste.

In Teignbridge the new "Garden Tax" will be introduced from June next year. Green wheelie bins will only be emptied if you pay £35 a year to have your garden waste collected and there will be another smaller bin for food waste, plus a separate container for cardboard.

People who do not wish to pay the £35 will either have to compost all their garden waste themselves or take it to the tip. This will obviously be awkward for everyone. The amount of green waste produced by even a small garden is substantial but some rural gardens have large amounts of re-cyclable waste from hedge clippings. Not everyone has the space for a composter and how will the elderly and those without cars get their waste to the tip?

Campaigners believe this policy will result in more fly-tipping in our beautiful in our countryside. Rubbish is increasingly dumped in gateways and over hedges - we have all seen a significant escalation in this anti-social practice in our lanes since the introduction of charges at the Newton Abbot tip.

Rural fly tipping

Fly tipping

Please help us make the Council think again on this unfair garden tax - for years this has been part of the council's service to you, paid for through the Council Tax.

Please sign the on-line petition at: (Teignbridge Residents only)

But it's just not local campaigners are unhappy - Joan Lambert, another long serving Teignbridge Tory has quit to join the Independents and has been followed by Lorraine Evans, a Chudleigh councillor, into the Independent Group so for the first time since the May 2011 elections, the Tories have lost overall control of the council which is now under No Overall Control.