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  • Article: May 19, 2020

    Responding to the figures published by the ONS showing that there have been more than 44,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the UK, Liberal Democrat Health, Wellbeing and Social Care spokesperson, Munira Wilson, said:

    "Hearing that the number or coronavirus-related deaths is now more than 44,000, including 9,980 deaths which took place in care homes in England and Wales, the British public will rightly be appalled.

    "The Government has failed to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society from coronavirus. For Ministers to keep trying to claim they put a 'protective ring' around care homes is not only false, but will be regarded by many as only adding further insult to all those grieving the loss of a loved one.
    "Government Ministers must now be frank with the British public. They must not only explain how this was allowed to happen under their watch, but how they are going to ensure that we step up the level of protective equipment as well as the system to test, trace and isolate so that they can get a grip on the crisis and prevent further deaths."
  • Exeter Road
    Article: May 11, 2020

    - More people expected to cycle and walk to work and school

    - Impact on school bus transport if social distancing still in place

    - Help make people feel safe when they cycle and walk

    - Call to rip-up the highways budget approved in February and start again

    A major review of spending on Devon's roads is being called for by the county's Liberal Democrats so more can be invested in public transport and boosting support for walking and cycling projects.

  • VE Day bus (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ve_Day_Celebrations_in_London,_8_May_19 45_HU41808.jpg)
    Article: May 7, 2020
    By Mark Wooding

    As we look back with quiet pride on VE Day (Victory in Europe), which 75 years ago marked a victory over a global menace, it is a sad tragedy that we are fighting our own battle with another global menace. We should look back with pride. Not in a narrow nationalistic way, for that is what the victory was, a victory over narrow, divisive, exceptionalist, 'ein reich' nationalism as championed by the Nazis. No we should look back with pride for standing firm for our liberal values of individual freedom, fairness, compassion and truth.

  • Pothole ()
    Article: May 4, 2020
    By Mark Wooding

    Potholes big problem in Taw Ward, Mid Devon.

    Just before the COVID-19 lockdown your Liberal Democrat Focus Team undertook a survey in the Taw Ward (Mid Devon) of the issues facing residents and their families.

    Parishioners in Coldridge, Down St Mary, Nymet Rowland, Wembworthy and Zeal Monachorum were asked for their views on the day-to-day problems they faced.

  • PPB
    Article: Mar 11, 2020

    Our latest Party Political Broadcast can be found HERE

  • Article: Mar 10, 2020

    This article is an edited version of a post on the Central Devon LibDems Facebook page from 23rd February 2020

    LibDem proposals to invest in Devon's roads rejected

    On Thursday 20th February Devon County Council set its budget.

    We know there is a real and growing concern about Devon's roads and highway drainage, especially after the bad weather this winter and the two huge storms in February. it's a 'no brainer' to invest money to fix our roads and drains to stop floods and blocked roads.