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  • Victory in Bovey & Chudleigh
    Article: Dec 16, 2016

    Lib Dems in Central Devon and Teignbridge are celebrasting two by-election victories in Bovey and Chudleigh.

    The winning candidates Sally Morgan (Bovey) and Richard Keeling (Chudleigh) took the seats from the Conservatives with 43.9% and 51.5% of the votes cast.

  • Richard Keeling supporting Sport in Chudleigh
    Article: Nov 22, 2016

    Over the last 6 months, the Lib Dems have been winning Council Seats again. We have had 3 gains in Teignmouth and 8 gains in Cornwall plus a gain in Totnes and another in Exmouth. On December 15th we have a chance to keep that momentum going and possible get the Devon haul up to 7, just one behind Cornwall.

  • Article: Nov 15, 2016
    This time they are trying to keep secret just how much Teignbridge District Council is spending on insurance. Are we getting the best value for money?
    A 'cloak of secrecy' has been thrown over a Devon council's insurance arrangements - even though it published a public report setting out what it spends, and its intention NOT to look for a better deal.
  • Cllr John Nutley outside Lloyds Bank
    Article: Aug 31, 2016

    Lib Dem Councillor John Nutley leads fight against closure of the last bank in town.

    Ashburton mayor Councillor John Nutley has joined local residents in taking issue with the decision of Lloyds bank to close their Ashburton Branch.

    Cllr. Nutley has expressed dismay at the decision saying: "Lloyds has given no consideration for the businesses, the community and the elderly people who live in the town and use the bank and how this will affect them.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2016

    In a report to Devon County Council cabinet on 13 July, Conservative councillors agreed to remove the current automatic entitlement to transport for post-16 students.

    Alan King, business manager at Okehampton College, has told the council that the new policy could lead to existing school buses running with empty seats that sixth formers could be using. He added:" On the point that parents can provide or arrange lifts for their post-16 child, can we ask if this is a serious option or simply an alternative suggestion someone at County Hall thought of? It is true that most of our families do have access to a private car but for the majority it is one car per household and this is used for the main breadwinner to get to travel to work".

  • Bob Wright and Frank lEtch in ST SAviours CAr Park
    Article: Jul 4, 2016

    Local Tory Councillors representing areas surrounding the town have voted to double St Saviours car park charges.

    Shoppers needing to park for a short time at St Saviours car park will now be forced to pay £2 for a full day's parking they do not need thanks to Local Conservative councillors who decided to vote on party lines and support doubling of the charge which was opposed by the Lib Dems.

  • John Downes and Nick Way near the site of the proposed Cycle Path
    Article: Jul 4, 2016

    A proposal by John Downes and Nick Way to upgrade the pathway inside the new development running parallel to the busy A377 Exeter road has met with the approval of several Community Groups. Nick Way said "If agreed by the developer, it is likely to be included as part of the Exeter to Crediton path we have long campaigned for" while John Downes added "It will also link with the existing cycle path on Wellpark Hill. We have met with the planners who have agreed to put our idea to the developers". Nick arranged a meeting at Crediton Council offices to enable members of the Boniface Cycle Trail Group to put their ideas to planners for an Exeter to Crediton Cycle and Walking Path.

  • Local Lib Dems Nick Way, Bob Wright, Frank Letch and John Downes near the Haywards School crossing on the busy A377.
    Article: Jul 4, 2016

    The threat to cut School Crossing Patrols has been lifted across Devon. The Conservatives on Devon County Council at a recent meeting voted to scrap the County funded men and women who ensure our children cross busy roads safely. Even a last ditch attempt for common sense was rejected by the Tory Council leader when it was proposed by the Lib Dems to urgently thrash out an agreement to save this important service.

  • Article: May 24, 2016

    One in four Devon children referred for mental health treatment is waiting longer than the Government's 18 week target, information uncovered by the County's Liberal Democrats reveals.

    In total, 157 children and young people across the Devon County Council area are waiting longer than they should for treatment, with a further 479 still waiting within the 18 week limit.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2016

    The Tory U-turn which has saved Devon's school 'lollipop' crossing patrols has been welcomed by the county's Liberal Democrats who campaigned vigorously against the cuts.

    And they are asking questions about how the ruling Conservatives, who forced through the unpopular measure, will pay to keep the crossing patrols when just 13 days ago they argued there was no money to fund the service.